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Thankfully, I have not been subjected to the above leaders' opinions. I did listen to Mohler's recent blog in which he rightfully, I think, characterized the two candidates in a way that I can approve.

I remember Dr. James Dobson's coming out against Romney (I think it was) in favor of McCain, and immediately realized he had made a drastic mistake. Could there have been a more squeaky-clean individual, humanly speaking, than Romney, religious affiliation, notwithstanding? Certainly not, when compared to the alternatives - the other Republican candidate who had no chance of overcoming the Democratic nominee in the first place and the Democrat nominee - a real disaster.

So many Christians and others stayed home, giving us four more years with the most outrageous ideologue, to my way of thinking, who could ever live in the White House, that is,until Hillary Clinton takes the keys to the front door- God be merciful

I vote for whom I feel is most likely to do what is right and has the strength to do it. In this case it is Donald Trump.

Voting for anyone associated with the current Democratic party is completely out of the question for me. I remember vividly when those Party members willfully and dramatically dismissed God from their election platform four years ago. How could a believer in Christ even entertain the thought of voting for a Democrat of any stripe on that merit alone? If God is not in the articles of the Party's platform, then Satan is the only substitute. Would a believer knowingly cast a vote for Satan? God forbid!!!

Frankly, it is my opinion that God placed Mr. Trump where he is precisely because he is outspoken in his beliefs, is fearless in standing for them (this week he refused to meet with Speaker Ryan, who seemingly was having late second thoughts about his support of Mr. Trump). I appreciate that Trump has not called on his "Christian" life, thus being honest about that fact that he has little to none of it. I do believe he is teachable.

So, "Christian" leaders aside, my vote is mine, not theirs to bend or to be shared with. I would that others who know Jesus as their Savior would do the same.

God be merciful to us and to our American that we love.

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