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All of Christ’s responses have been with meekness with the temptation of Christ in the wilderness Matt 4:1-11. A friend of mine defined “meekness” as massive power from an outside force under firm control of another in gentleness of spirit, only for purposes other than for one's self: just as Christians are under the Authority of God for His purposes, through the power of His powerful Holy Spirit.

An example was an elephant being guided by its rider. The rider has precise control of the massive power of the elephant, but the rider does not possess the power internally. The elephant contains the power to destroy the rider, but chooses not. The rider has the control and leads the elephant in a quiet gentle way. The same way with God’s power being directed for His purposes through God’s humble and righteous servants, especially when dealing with injustices, righteousness and humility.(Zephaniah 2:3 NKJV) This definition brings a better understanding to the scripture “ The meek shall inherit the earth” (Matthew 5:5) This is no impulsive, weak tempered, self-seeking, power grabbing, powerless ruler!
Thoughts to ponder in prayer and through scripture.....

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