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Allen Adkins

Very good summation. I am in complete agreement. Thabiti took a hard left with his comments about BLM and his article "What white people need to know about black Christians". His article only served to further divide and not remove the differences between Christians like Paul did in the book of Galatians. I use to have deep respect for him and Together4thegospel for many years even attending the conferences but that's all gone now. When they refuse to discipline their own they lost all respect I ever had for them. This goes for John Piper as well. He has lost it. I had him at one time on the highest of evangelical pedestals... They have all confused the roll of the Church with that of government. Both have different rolls and both can serve out their rolls simultaneously at the same time. The church is NEVER told to bear the sword to punish evil and protect those they have charge over but the government exist to do this very thing.

Craig Eastman

Your analysis is very unbiblical, and very slanted, politically. The currently popular "put God in a government-free box" philosophy emanating from the conservative white evangelical church has NO basis in scripture, despite that segment of Christianity's desire that it does. It is being used today to justify covetousness toward the poor, minorities and immigrants by the church. Also of interest, the Southern Baptist Convention was founded on a belief that slaves SHOULD be be brought here to be evangelized, and that was one of their foremost arguments in support of slavery's benefits to Africans. That, of course, was wrong, but so is today's twisted opposite version that has fallen into the ditch on the other side of the road that posits that the government has no role in social justice or the alleviation of poverty. Governments were established for our good, in both promoting and ensuring social justice, and in the alleviation of poverty. Stop attacking a brother who is both Biblically correct and in accordance,of course, with the heart of God, and stop making convoluted arguments to support your political beliefs, which will never hold up to Scripture.

Shane Kastler

Thanks for the comments Craig. And thanks for proving me right. Rather than offer one word of Biblical defense you merely resorted to pious liberal platitudes like “social justice.” The very same thing Thabiti does. No one is suggesting that we “put God in a government-free box.” God transcends government. The problem is when Christians want the Federal government to do the job that God gave the church to do. And then they want the Federal government to ignore the job (protecting the citizens) that God actually gave them to do in Romans 13. Thabiti totally misapplied two Bible passages to justify his position. He's entitled to believe whatever he wants. So are you. And we all should strive to care for the poor among us; and more importantly to evangelize the lost among us. But this doesn't mean we try to force the government to ignore its God-given role of security.


Amen and thank you!!! I've been reading his articles on TGC website and am shocked that no one is challenging this man. Thank you thank you, I'm not crazy.

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