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Bryan Purtle

You fail to point out that the quote about Piper weeping for joy over Obama’s election comes from a portion of a sermon wherein he’s confronting Obama on the issue of abortion and calling him to repentance. “Unequal weights & measures.”

Sidney D. Wheatley

To suggest that Lecrae has divided the church is a joke. The church has been divided by race strife hundreds of years before. The church does see things through the eyes of white evangelicalism. I would suggest you read the book Divided By Faith.

Shane Kastler

Thanks for the comment Bryan. Obviously I disagree with you. I'm very open about the fact that Piper is pro-life and I provided a link to the article where he confronts Obama on abortion. In fact, his article proves my entire point. Why would a pro-lifer like Piper ever, in a million years, weep for joy at such a pro-abortion president as Obama? How could any pro-lifer in good conscience say he "rejoiced" at Obama's election? He elevated race above abortion. That's the only plausible reason why he would rejoice over his election. As for "unequal weights and measures" -- I think a much more glaring example of this would be Piper's fawning over the pro-abortion Obama, while he continues to ridicule the pro-life Trump. Clearly matters of race are higher on Piper's priority list than matters of life.

Sidney -- Thanks for your comment as well. I do not deny racial strife has existed in the church historically. In fact, my article gives an example of it in Antioch 2000 years ago. And the solution given in Scripture, was to the do the exact opposite of what Piper and Lecrae are doing. Rather than promoting unity in Christ, they are stirring the pot.


Just really disagree with you on this one Shane. Pastor John still preaches true to God's Word and writes the same(except I'm not a 5 point Calvinist myself so I disagree w him on that point), as much as any man can do. You are taking many of his comments and actions out of context and throwing the baby out with the bathwater. He is still relevant and preaching the truth. Part of his article about Lecrae was just being thankful that Lecrae is following Christ (yes, the real Jesus of the Bible), from his own framework. If that doesn't mesh with "white evangelicalism" then fine. He's (Lecrae) fine with it, and done with only appealing to mainly white evangelical Christians. And who can blame him, since he's a black man and has experienced racism in his life. That doesn't mean he's all of the sudden liberal, or moving away from Biblical living. It just means he's more concerned about following Christ as a young black man in America than just being popular amongst young white Christian kids who have no idea what real racism is. And I don't think partnering up or just having a few speaking engagements (I don't know how many?) with people like Rick Warren whom you think are too "fluffy" justifies calling Piper leftist or liberal. He doesn't hold to the white evangelical Party line and that does make some very conservative people in the church uncomfortable but so what?!


I think you are underestimating the nature of Cultural Marxism.

It divides the world in every facet into the oppressor and the oppressed, and the rules are different for each (and justifiably so in order to combat oppression).

When Lecrae leaves white evangelicalism for a stronger black identity, he is removing his potential complicity or ineffectiveness with oppressors and siding with the oppressed. He's embracing an identity that needs full expression to help his people and himself.

Cultural Marxism explains very neatly why Black Entertainment Television, black churches, etc. are valid while a white version of those things remains evil. One is used in service of the oppressed; the other serves to continue oppression.

That's why the comparison to Peter will fall flat with these people. They're quite consistent (wrong, but consistent). Peter was rejecting or separating himself from an oppressed/outsider people in favor of a more privileged one. They can reject Peter's partisanship and maintain the validity of Lecrae's quite easily on that basis.

The Marxism changes everything, including our needed angles of attack to end this nonsense. For an argument to work against them, one must take down the Marxism itself on a principled bases, or attack their understanding of history and oppression and what those groups are. Both are exceedingly difficult to get through to them, which is why this stuff has spread like wildfire. The whole world's framing of issues and the entire educational system sets them up for this error.

Holly Williams

I am going to his concert tonight and I am going to use discernment and see if this is brought up. If it is I will have to leave. We need to love our neighbor as ourself.

David Pena

As a former member and someone who has attended Bethlehem Baptist for the last 10 years, I resonate with this article completely, and sadly share in its dismay. Rick Warren was only an early example, but there were many others and incidents to follow. Just look at what has become of the Gospel Coalition. (Around the time of 'Bloodlines' and the preaching of that time, it became more evident that Piper seems to still be trying to atone for the professed racism of his youth.) Regardless, all this pandering and capitulation to the leftist worldview and narratives betrays a critical lack of discernment and courage (and a truncated gospel).
The problem is even more evident in Piper's handling of Trump (whom I openly opposed through the primaries) vis-a-vis Obama, the pro-abortion extremist. The whole thing is patently disordered and absurd. Piper and our churches need our prayers.

Shane Kastler

Hello Audrey – Thanks for the comments. You are certainly free to disagree with me. Now let me address your concerns. First, I do still believe Piper preaches the gospel; I never called him an apostate or a heretic. I just think he has gotten so obsessed with racial issues that the main focus of his ministry is not the supremacy of Christ, as it was in years past. I did not take any of his comments out of context. In fact, I provided links to the articles so others could read the context as well. I don’t know how long you’ve been following this, but I’ve been pointing out some of Piper’s inconsistencies for about 10 years now. So, my article is not merely based on this one incident. Lots of problems with Piper and other evangelicals as of late. Piper is glad Lecrae hasn’t gone full apostate and left the faith yet. That’s good, but Piper also presents a tone that implies he understands why other black people would leave Christianity over racial issues. Their love and commitment for Christ should exceed any problems they have. If they abandon Christ, then their faith never really existed anyway. Your comment that since Lecrae is a black man he has experienced racism “all his life” is laughable. For the past 10 years or so, he’s made millions being adored by rap fans both black and white. Poor baby. You also state that “young white Christian kids have no idea what racism is.” This is an all-inclusive exaggeration that you simply cannot back up. Perhaps that was your reality growing up. But you can’t say that of very white kid. White kids who live in predominately black neighborhoods DO know what racism feels like. Class/culture warfare exists in all people groups. You just never hear about it from the media unless it is racism against blacks. This is all the establishment folks will allow to be reported on. You say Lecrae is justified in his racist comments against white people “because he’s experienced racism.” Do you really think the Christian response to being sinned against is to sin against them back in return? Lecrae says he wants away from white people. This is a racist statement. If you or I said we wanted away from black people, we’d get crucified. The double standard is appalling and people like Piper not only accept this double standard, they promote it and thus sow seeds of racial division in the church. Take 10 minutes to read Galatians and then tell me how good it is for Lecrae to trash another race like he does. As for Rick Warren, they didn’t partner up at a few speaking engagements. Piper invited Warren to be the keynote at his conference. Warren has watered the church down with weak, poor, and dangerous doctrine for years (but I sent you the link on that). As to your comments about the “white evangelical party line” --- I have no idea what you’re talking about. I do not belong to a “white evangelical party” and didn’t know one existed. Respectfully, your statement sounds like the type of jargon one hears on MSNBC. Liberal media outlets, coupled with liberal politicians carry incredible sway in our country today. And sadly, many Christians start to think along these lines rather than having the Bible inform their views on issues. Racism against blacks is horrible. Racism against whites is too. We are all “one in Christ.” This is the Biblical position.


I can't comment on the issues as far as Rick Warren or Lacrae, I have heard Lacrea,s music and find him a very talented young man;but as far as race issue's I agree 100%. As a woman of color and being new in Christ, I experienced quite a bit of racism in the town that I lived in espeacialy in one of the churches that I attended, but it didn't turn me away from my newly found Faith.I moved on to another church in the same town and I was embraced as a child of God. The point is that once we became believers and followers of Jesus Christ we are called to be one body, no longer individuals, but part of the church of Christ, his bride. We need to stop playing the rece card and start looking inward and really letting Christ diagnose and heal our hurts and insecurities. Jesus Christ is the way the truth and the life.

Dave Warner

Wow. I'm by no means a John Piper "fan." But your blatant dishonesty and misrepresentation regarding his comments when Obama was elected make the rest of your words meaningless and untrustworthy. If you want to be taken seriously, I reccomend you critique those you disagree with in a serious and meaningful (honest) fashion.

Shane Kastler

Dave -- Thanks for the comments (condescending though they may be). Did you actually read the article? I quoted Piper "word-for-word" AND provided links to his original articles. You'll have to explain to me how that equates to "blatant dishonesty and misrepresentation." While Piper disagrees with Obama on abortion he said he "rejoiced" and "wept for joy" when Obama was elected. Those are Piper's words, not mine.

Thanks again for reading.

Adam Sabourin

Thank you for this article. I have felt this way for a while now, but haven't had the ability to organize my thoughts like you have. I agree that many are allowing the enemy to use worldly identities to drive us apart, rather than Godly identities to bring us together. While Satan can not defeat God's children, we are more easily made ineffective when we are divided.

Brad Tucker

The media is doing a fine job of exacerbating racial strife in America. It grieves me so to see the foothold it has gained in our churches.


Thank you for this article, I am a white South African, and as a minority in y own country have seen how the black government and liberal Christians have condoned the murdering of white farmers and ( over 74 000 since 1994. So I have not appreciation for those who "call out white people as racist" All they do is create more strife, when the rest of us, have quietly been reconciling ourselves with our neigbours. Piper and his liberal friends seem to be doing their best to undo the good work that was done.

Tom Hardy

In case people have missed it and I did until it was pointed out to me. It should not be all that surprising that Lacrae did this, he is very shallow in his theology. He actually wrote a song (or songs?) for the heretical movie 'The Shack'. That teaches all I need to know about him. Having said that, it is equally true that we should never make light of racism in our society today. It is a terrible thing and often can make people think with their emotions; rather than be discerning. The article is correct, the Gospel is the answer and it alone has the power to break down barriers in Christ.

Jeremy Huff

Jeremy hits the Key issue...and what is happening with Piper and the American Church. Cultural Marxism has completely erased the history of the link between Racism and the Democrat party...but now the oppressed lift up the ideaology that oppressed them and continues to oppress them. The Democrat party was the party of slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, and in the 60's LBJ (serious racist) used the Great Society to white wash the Democrat party while destroying the African American family unit in one single blow. In 1960 the African American family unit (father, mother, children) was the strongest in America...by 1980 African American fathers were missing...and the Progressive state had stepped in to take their place...while Planned Parenthood and Progressives had murdered 35 million unborn African American babies. This is racist genocide...but Piper and the cowardly American Shepherds do not even know, understand or care...but yield to the cultural Marxist lie. They refuse to Shepherd and call out the evil of progressivism - cultural Marxism even as it fundamentally transformed our country. God Help us...


Piper teaming up with Eminem disappointing

Jim Riley

How can anyone "weep for joy" at the election of an unabashed baby-killer? Put a footnote on the "joy" part?


thanks for calling out John Piper. the irony is that according to his understanding of God's sovereignty, Trump's election was "rendered certain" by God as His perfect, unconquerable will and part of His Eternal decree. Shouldn't he be rejoicing in that?. I think the fact that Piper calls our President an "unrepentant lecher" when he doesn't know the man personally, isn't working with him like other Christian men are doing (for example. men like James Robison and Vice President Pence), and would therefore have no idea as to whether President Trump is repentant or not, amounts to unrighteous judgment and Piper should repent for having made such a comment. I surely wouldn't call someone that if I had no CURRENT idea as to the truthfulness of the statement. Piper's harshness towards our president seems to be driven by something else with Piper, because he has completely disregarded, and continues to disregard the testimony of the Christian men who know President Trump and are seeking to work with him.


White people don't know what racism is? Lord have mercy, we are ruled by white liberals in gated communities. Step a day in the lives of the working poor.


Dear Shane, I must say I agree with those who say you misquoted Piper. Here are his words (from the article): "Mr. President, some of us wept for joy at your inauguration. And we pledge that we will pray for you."

He said "some of us" - I think he was referring collectively to the nation. The tone of the article was against abortion and Obama's stance. He did NOT say "I wept for joy." Perhaps he said this somewhere else, but not in the article that you referenced.

However, overall I agree with you on the direction of Piper. It is no longer "lack of discernment", he actually is turning left. And I heard him speak of himself in the third person in a 2014 interview about how he didn't want to go to Burger King.

I loved "Desiring God" back in the 90's, but I generally stay away from him these days. I think he's awful whenever he "tweets" - he's saying thoughtless things, and damages his Christian testimony.

Shane Kastler

Thanks for the comments Scott. Very helpful. Obviously I disagree on Piper's quote. His exact words, "Mr. President, some of us wept for joy at your inauguration. And we pledge that we will pray for you." -- Would seem to indicate himself since he said "some of us." For example, if I said, "Some of us were disappointed in Obama's election." Wouldn't you assume I was including myself? I would never say "some of us" unless I meant "us" I assume Piper would do the same. He could have easily said, "many Americans wept for joy." Instead he said "Some of us wept for joy." If he didn't mean himself, then it is a very ambiguous and confusing way to express it..... I agree with you that there seems to be a leftward turn in his views. Very dangerous.


Thanks, Shane. Good to hear from you. I appreciate your thoughtful blogs. They help keep me up to date. It's hard to keep up with everything! Hope your ministry is going well - -


Thank you Shane for exposing the deception of the "social justice" movement and its influence on the Christian leaders today like John Piper. (Your readers would also benefit by reading the recent articles written on this issue by the black Christian conservative leader, Mychal Massie.)
It is sad to see a young Christian pastor like Lacrae fall into this trap. I have personally counseled with several young black "Christians" who have become involved in the radical Black Israelite movement. From my conversations with them, I can tell you that Lacrae's comments are typical of the first step that they take away from the truth of the Gospel into this Satanic delusion. Black supremacy is the irresistable temptation that Satan is using to lead young black Christians away from Christ--and it always starts with the "social justice" mentality. We need to pray for him.

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