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Jade Rembert

Great commentary! Open & honest....I wish we lived in a world where truth was valued! Amen!

Paul Gonzales

Christians I'm sorry to say can be so stupid. Where were they when Obama did all the damage he did on a weekly basis with his cool clean smile? And when Hillary has done here ungodliness right in front of their faces. Practically not even a peep. Now we have a man who has done so many things right but is being cut down by self righteous hypocrites because he's said some things. It's so irritating. Deal withungodly unbelievers, now gotta deal with ungodly Christian never Trumpets. Lord help us.


Thank you one thousand times for this! I was engaged in a conversation with someone over this very issue yesterday. I asked her to consider the fact that maybe much of this was calculated. She could not even entertain that idea! It was how mean and uncouth he was. So of course there was no way I was going to bring up that men doing business can be pretty rough, lol. Sheesh I felt like hitting my head on the nearest wall. I did bring up that Durbin is a known liar. No it was all about mean, nasty Trump. She even told me she wanted him to succeed, but he needed to stop sabotaging himself! Women leading men is what this is and so many do not see it. It has poisoned a vast majority of our churches here in America and much of it is so subtle. This woman, my friend is actually very conservative and she would be shocked if I told her that she was part of the problem of feminism in the church.


As a christian, are you choosing to ignore the unchristian values of Trump because he is supposedly pro-life? Where are you when he (and so many supposed Christian men) chooses to engage in extra marital affairs in a irresponsible way that would lead to an unwed mother facing the decision of abortion or having to raising another child that is toxic to society? Superficial and unthinking! BTW, as a former Illinoisan, I totally agree with Dick Durbin's actions.

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