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Bill Hutcheson

I was once one of those "educated idiots of modern society", but when I learned that valid science supports our biblical foundation based on the plain reading of Genesis, it changed my life to the glory of God. Thank you.

Jenny T

For myself, I was actually more depressed, anxious, and suicidal when I was a Christian. My mental health, and overall outlook on life actually improved after becoming an atheist, and I know that I'm not in the minority when it comes to this.
I can only speculate that not much research was done by the article's author on the coronation between atheism/non-belief and mental health, as indicated by a lack of sources

Shane Kastler

Thanks for the comment Jenny. I actually agree with much of what you said. Many versions of Christianity are lacking and can lead to greater anxiety. I believe this is because many versions of Christianity are flawed; either burdening people down with legalism or trying to simplistically boil Christianity down to pithy maxims. True Christianity, I believe, is both deep and satisfying. As for my lack of sources/research... I would note that this was an opinion piece for a newspaper with a 400 word limit. It was not intended to be a research paper. Thanks for reading and commenting!


I am an atheist and I used to think about killing myself alot when I was younge. Not because I felt that I had no purpose but because of Christianity. You have no idea what it feels like to be a 7 or 8 yr old who didn't believe but didn't know whether you were right or wrong and thus would lay in bed at night crying for fear that you'd be set on fire if it turned out that you were wrong. Talk about psychologically traumatizing !! You people have no idea of the psychological harm that you do to others. And you promote the Bible as book of truth even though it lies and says that atheists are fools who do no good and only do abominable works, causing most of society to distrust and even hate us. You make us feel like outcasts among our own species. That's why atheists kill themselves, because of you/Christians/Christianity and the false things you assume and say about us, this article being a perfect example.

Shane Kastler

Basil -- Thanks for sharing. I'm very sorry to hear about your past struggles. It should be noted, that I'm not suggesting that EVERY atheist will automatically be depressed or suicidal. Nor am I suggesting that all "theists" will avoid such depression. I'm merely saying that it is a plausible outcome for those who are told that life is meaningless. While I would obviously disagree with you on spiritual matters, I am glad to hear you have overcome past difficulties.

Thanks for reading and commenting.

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