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Syd Horn

I agree that the "War between the States" was not just about Slavery. The South seceded from the union for other reasons, slavery was just one of them.

Having studied law for 3 years and practicing law for 50+ years I cannot find anything in the Constitution that says a state cannot secede from the union. I am aware that the Supreme Court said otherwise in regard to Texas, but they also said a black man was not a citizen. They make mistakes because they are only human.

I do not agree that seceding from the USA is treason. The South wanted out of the union. Many people called it a "Civil War". I disagree with that definition. A civil war in my mind is when you try and take over the central government. The South did not do or want that, they wanted their own government.That is not treason.

Those statutes are to remind us of History. If you ignore History you are doomed to repeat it.

This young man needs to research history on his own and not listen to most college professors that are very liberal. I found that those that teach, sometimes do so because they can not make a living doing what they teach. My economics professor was one of them. He had gone bankrupt 3 times and he seriously wanted me to learn what he was teaching? I passed his class by feeding him back what he taught, but I complete ignored his teachings when I graduated.

If I remember correctly, more people died in the war between the states than died in world war II. It was a tragedy, and the aftermath was even more tragic. Many southerners lost everything they had and some of them took no part in the war. There was cruelty on both sides. Just visit the North and South prisoner of war camps. It is my belief that most of the Northern troops fought because of the Slavery issue, but would the military fight again today if a state should want to secede? I don't think so.

Removing statutes that remind us of the war between the states, is a crime. They are nothing more than a reminder of history that all of us would like to forget, but History should never be forgotten. We should learn from History.

James Lanier

I would like to ask Mr. Yale to explain why the people of Virginia would want to erect a "symbol of hate" in the first place. Who were they hating? The northern aggressors? The slaves they sought to keep? Then why make the statue of a fellow Virginian? Obviously, he had not thought this through. Thanks for encouraging him.

I would also like him to explain why it took 150 years to realize what the statue was actually a symbol of. As you pointed out, it may do the young man some good to read the plaque at the foot of the statue, placed there by the men who commissioned it. But then, if he already knows everything, he sadly couldn't gain any new information from it.

I hate to even bring this up for fear of putting thoughts into the heads of radical whackos, but if folks like him read some of the comments made by Abraham Lincoln about black men, they would probably want to tear down the Lincoln Memorial in DC.

Thanks for sharing but, I'm reminded that men are guided by the "truth" they embrace. As President Reagan so eloquently said, "The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they're ignorant; it's just that they know so much that isn't so". Jeremy from Yale is a vivid illustration that slavery, in various forms, is still alive and well.

Thank God for "setting us free" with the truth of the gospel!

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