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Yes! Thank you! Most people (including Christians and pastors) are taking the "Corona crisis" like an inconvenient snowstorm: "Let's make the best of it!" They don't realize that while they are tidying their napkins the train is going over the cliff. Thank you for your articulate analysis of our desperate situation - -

Michael Weaks

I appreciated your article. I co-pastor a small congregation. I am not attending meetings at this time, not because of fear, but compliance to our govt. Maybe some fear is involved, but not because I am not afraid of dying, I am 65 years old, healthy, and ready to go. I wonder what people would say if one of ours gets sick and dies.How would that look going forward? I am not OK with a pastor being arrested. I have mixed emotions and thoughts and I am praying about what you wrote. But God is doing something and I want to please Him.

Phillip Mezzapelle

I have to say that it is a bit perplexing that it wasn't persecution that closed the church door's, but hysteria and panic. Lately, I've been thinking about two things. First, could it be that the fact that the church just rolled over and played dead, is part of God's judgment upon a lukewarm, worldly church? Also, have we thought of the possible longterm consequences of having closed our churches. And regarding this, their are two things that worry me. First, what will the churches reaction be the next time we have a "pandemic"? And secondly, when this current crisis finally runs its course and the churches reopen, what are we going to do if when we start to evangelize telling people that they need to repent and go to Jesus, and they in turn tell us, why weren't you telling us to repent and turn to Jesus during the lock down?

Bill Rhetts

Revised: Thank you, pastor, for telling the truth. Too many are rolling over for Caesar, and are disobeying the Lord while doing so. On the other hand, pastors like Costi Hinn would wrongfully accuse us of having a “chip on your shoulder” for obeying the Lord. A Biblical Christianity will be willing to die for the cause of Christ (as the apostles did), and as Christ died for His church.

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